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The Royal Conservatory of Mons/Arts2 is one of the eight high music schools in Belgium. Nicolas Krüger teaches conducting there and leads the orchestra which creates ambitious projects and performs in concerts throughout the year...


Within the class of conducting, we approach as a path, a journey, an orientation taken in the score, what we call : “rhythmic continuity” and which structures musical discourse in its temporal development.

The gesture is serving this discourse, which must gradually,

throughout the learning process, becomes the most accurate mirror of an inner speech, clarified by an in-depth study of the score.

Alongside the technical bases which are always revised and strengthened, the search for a sure inner pulsation and an accuracy of the interpretative gesture are essential. They may take more or less time to find, but constitute the basis of a solid and expressive technique.

Furthermore, ongoing analyzes and experiments allow us to gradually understand the issue of the relationship between the conductor and the orchestra, the “manager” qualities that absolutely must be developed to unite and motivate the group of "experts" that musicians are, and thus obtain the best results in the best possible working atmosphere.

Course progress :

The Arts2 Orchestra continues to grow and expand over the years. Very cosmopolitan, it most often mixes around 20 nationalities (one come from the entire world to Mons, fortunately located in the center of Western Europe). Major projects are carried out :  symphonic music from the essential repertoire, oratorios, operas, creations (Mons is an important center for musical creation),  and broadcast throughout Belgium. The orchestra today has the reputation of being one of the best student orchestras in Belgium. Several of its students have recently entered large Belgian, European or international orchestras upon completion of their studies.

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