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L'Alto Lyrique - To be released on September 24

The viola is the only instrument to be named after a vocal range.

We often think of it as a lower voiced violin, but the meaning of its name would suggest a cello that tend towards the treble, like the baroque male voice, the first lyric voice.

In this program, we wish to showcase all the voices of the viola, to wich the piano adds its crystalline presence, and the orchestra its depth. By opting for this duality, we offer the viola the opportunity to seduce, as a confirmed vhamber musician, but also in the too long neglected role of solo instrument in its own right. 

And Love said...

Jodie Devos wins the respect in this all-English program of British, Belgian and French composers, with fantastic pianistic accompaniment from Nicolas Krüger. »

ResMusica - Pierre Degott

"... with Devos and her excellent pianist, Nicolas Krüger, striking the perfect balance between art and artlessness. An album where Krüger also shines in his witty, pointed accompaniments."


Il est quelqu'un sur Terre

“Admirable in each score, the accompaniment provided by Nicolas Krüger is exceptional here. Dreamlike as can be in the laconic contribution – Three songs based on “The Little Mermaid”, by Hans Christian Andersen – by Arthur Honegger (1892-1955), his piano with chamber orchestra inflections is joined by the very plastic cello of Sébastien Walnier for a creation by Jean-Luc Fafchamps (…) »

The World - Pierre Gervasoni


Das irdische Leben /
La Vie Terrestre


“...It's about thwarted loves, arranged marriages, mothers mourning their sons killed in battle, harvests too poor to feed the family, fiancés eagerly awaiting their union; it is still about nature with its procession of mysteries and symbols. It is a whole universe of piety, fatalism or superstitions, sometimes also told with an amused distance; we see the famous popular wisdom expressed as much as a poetic lyricism in resonance with the elements: in short, “earthly life”. »

Salome Haller

La Ballade des pendus (Paulet)

« ...Super performers explore the many facets of François Villon’s world in a piece inspired by his famous “testament”. Allegedly written while the poet prepared for a tragic death, Villon’s founding vision has lost none of its intensity over time. Virtuosic and profound, lyrical yet distant, the music conjures up images of nocturnal ceremonies, with moments of irony and hallucinatory delirium. Subtle and intense at the same time, the omnipresent piano reigns supreme over this unique world. »

Editions Hortus

Offenbach Fantastique !

This recording by the Leipzig Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Nicolas Krüger is now dedicated to the little-known works that reflect the richness of this unique composer's multifaceted repertoire. In the caustic satires of the times, he turns dogs and carrots into rulers or abducts them to the worlds of knights and the moon: Offenbach Fantastique!

34 duos...

Eleven Haikus for piano four hands are very short vignettes illustrating the gentle and meticulous poetry of Yosa Buson, an 18th century Japanese painter and poet of whom the duo Mara Dobresco and Nicolas Kruger, the creators of the work, are the tactfull translators.

Henri Barraud - Mélodies et impromptues 

On the occasion of the publication of his memoirs, it seems essential to us to rediscover the music of the man who was above all a composer. Embarrassed to use his position as director of the ORTF to promote himself, he was never a good defender of his own music. I knew how to appreciate the value of his work, and began to play it, from time to time. I was thus able to realize each time the interest aroused by this music, listeners coming to ask me who this Henry Barraud was, and I revealing to them, not without a certain pride, that it was my grandfather !   »

Nicolas Krüger

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