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“Nicolas Krüger alternately displayed treasures of delicacy and visionary inspiration, in moments when the classic Cherubini indulges in an almost Berliozian ardor.”

The musician's letter - Médée / Opéra de Dijon

"There are evenings which will remain engraved in the heart of lyrical memories, however numerous, even prestigious. This is the case of this Samson and Dalila presented by the Avignon Opera... From the first notes, the orchestra nails us on our chair by the mystery and drama instilled in the sound paste of a white-hot orchestra. Because from the outset, conductor Nicolas Krüger grabs us and his precise, inspired direction, carries us away, establishing a dramatic tension without a moment of weakness. There are symbols that are unmistakable: at the end of the evening, the curtain had barely fallen, all the musicians began to applaud their leader, smiles on their faces."

First box - Samson and Dalila / Opéra Grand Avignon

"His magnificent Pelléas Dijonnais had inscribed in the marble of our memories the name of Nicolas Krüger. The French conductor makes a strong impression in this Samson from Avignon."

ResMusica - Samson and Delilah / Opéra Grand Avignon

"...As for the orchestra, under the baton of Nicolas Krüger, it is both lyrical and passionate, responsive and efficient with delicate and tasteful phrasing, as well as nuances distilled to good effect"

ResMusica - Médée / Dijon Opera

"Tremendous in terms of clarity, flexibility and dynamism, Nicolas Kruger magnifies the qualities of the Orchestra."

Anaclase - Medea / Dijon Opera

"We did not expect such sound evidence: Nicolas krüger has just delivered a magnificent reading of Pelléas. The pit of the Dijon auditorium gains an almost oceanic immensity with the broad gestures of this symphonist interpretation."

Opera Forum - Pelléas and Mélisande / Dijon Opera

"The ouverture, conducted with an unexpected urgency, rushes us into the drama. The rapid tempo, the rhythmic vigor, the excitement, the contrasts participate fully, as do the clarity of the textures, the flow of the sentences and the play of colors. The silences, the suspensions and the progressions keep us in suspense. Nicolas krüger makes us forget the succession of concert arias in favor of a drama playing out in front of us."

Opera Forum - The Clemency of Titus / Rennes Opera

"From the ouverture we were struck: The suggestive colors and the gripping rhythms took off with a joyful but good-toned verve, without untimely outbursts or heavy scansions. The pleasure continues: Nicolas krüger conducts with impeccable precision and obtains from the orchestra a complicity without a hitch."

Opera Forum - Offenbach: The Brigands / Toulon Opera


Crédit photo : Patrick Kedzia

Crédit photo : Patrick Kedzia

Crédit photo : David Krüger

Crédit photo : Adam Krüger

Crédit photo : David Krüger

Crédit photo : Patrick Kedzia

Crédit photo : Patrick Kedzia

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